Refunds & Credit

Academy means the football coaching program provided by Patafta Football at our Facilities.


Patafta Football means Patafta Tutoring & Football Pty Ltd ACN 619 436 314


We, Us, Our means Patafta Football.


You, Your, Yourself means the person who is specified as the member in your Registration.



Patafta Football only provides refunds of fees already paid pursuant to our Cancellation of Membership terms as stipulated in our Terms & Conditions.



Patafta Football provides You with credits for Academy sessions by the following method and terms:


  1. You must fill out and submit an online credit form via the 'Submission of Non-Attendance' link at the bottom of our website page;
  2. the submission of the online form is received by Patafta Football before the specified time limit being either:
    1. prior to 12:00am on the day of a morning or gym session; or
    2. prior to four (4) hours before the start of an afternoon session.
      The online submission for credit is timestamped and verified to ensure compliance;
  3. You will be provided a credit for each verified and compliant submission that can be used in the prevailing eleven (11) week term only. You must notify Patafta Football as to the Academy session you will attend in favour of your credit via email -



For further information about Patafta Football’s refund and credit practice, please contact Patafta Football using the following details:


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